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specializing laws

So I’ve introduced who Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultants are and that we specialize in practicing laws in the field of employment and social insurance. Laws that we’re licensed to practice are listed under Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Law Article 2 Paragraph 1 (yes, our practice is governed by laws in addition to self regulations to ensure highest quality and standards) and include:

Labor Standards Law (労働基準法)
Workers’ Accident Compensation Law (労働者災害補償保険法)
Employment Insurance Law (雇用保険法)
Occupational Skill Development Promotion Law (職業能力開発促進法)
Minimum Wage Law (最低賃金法)
Law on Collection of Labor Insurance Premiums (労働保険の保険料の徴収等に関する法律)
Labor Safety and Health Law (労働安全衛生法)
Law on Securing Payment of Wages (賃金の支払の確保等に関する法律)
Law on Securing Proper Management of Businesses Lending Temporary Workers and Securing Proper Working Conditions for Temporary Workers (労働者派遣事業の適正な運営の確保及び派遣労働者の就業条件の整備等に関する法律)
Law on Improving Management of Part-Time Workers’ Employment (短時間労働者の雇用管理の改善等に関する法律)
Law on Welfare of Workers Caring for Children and/or Family Members including Child Care and Family Care Leave (育児休業、介護休業等育児又は家族介護を行う労働者の福祉に関する法律)
Law on Equal Employment Opportunity and Conditions (雇用の分野における男女の均等な機会及び待遇の確保等に関する法律)
Law on Promoting the Resolution of Individual Labor Disputes (個別労働関係紛争の解決の促進に関する法律)
Health Insurance Law (健康保険法)
Welfare and Pension Insurance Law (厚生年金保険法)
National Health Insurance Law (国民健康保険法)
National Pension Law (国民年金法)

The list isn’t exhaustive but these are laws that lay out the basic rights you have as employees and which your employers or potential employers must respect and be in compliance with. I’d like to brief on each of these laws over time so stay tuned to WJA.

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