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certified social insurance and labor consultant exam

Nationally administered Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Exam (社会保険労務士試験) is a rigorous exam. Exam pass rate for the past 10 years have been 8.52% on average (about 8 to 9 examinees out of 100). Within the past 10 years, the lowest was 1997 where 1,991 out of 28,124 examinees passed (7.08%), and the highest was 2002 where 4,337 out of 46,713 examinees passed (9.28%).

The exam consists of two parts: multiple choice (択一) (Part I) and fill-in (選択) (Part II). In the past years, there have been 70 multiple choice questions where an examinee is given brief information in short sentences or paragraphs and then must choose the correct answer out of the given 5 choices. There are 8 fill-in questions where in each question an examinee is given a few paragraphs of information with 5 blanks in it. The examinee is then asked to fill in those 5 blanks from a set of 20 given terminologies.

Examinees are tested on their knowledge and understanding in 10 areas in the employment and social insurance law arena: Labor Standards Law, Labor Safety and Health Law, Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance Law, Employment Law, Law on Collection of Labor Insurance Premiums, general knowledge and understanding of human resource management including other related laws, Health Insurance Law, National Pension Law, Welfare and Pension Insurance Law, and general knowledge and understanding of social insurance including other related laws. The exam preparation time can be anywhere from 6 months to several years. I (religiously and insanely) devoted 6 months of my senior year in college preparing for the exam and was fortunate to pass it on first try. It becomes harder for those that have full-time jobs and may take anywhere from a year to several years.

There are two passages to become fully licensed after passing the exam. Candidates may acquire 2 years of experience in the employment and social insurance law practice to register with the Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Association (Association) and become fully licensed. This 2 years experience may be before of after passing the exam. Another passage is by participating in the training program administered by the Association. Upon proving their experience or completion of training to the Association, candidates can register with the Association (with some fee) and become licensed to practice in public.


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